Know How, Technology and History of SPRING

SPRING has been designing, manufacturing, selling and installing electronic systems and components for industrial vehicles since 1995. Since the beginning we have chosen to work following excellent levels of quality, guarantee towards the clients that have decided to commission to SPRING the supplies of electronic systems suitable to their demands. Our project is called Davide vs Golia. This metaphor expounds the dedication that we have had in the years to pursue our purpose. We are proud of the result because, as always, we have reached it thanks to our strengths, to our ideas, to our abilities, to our passion, and above all thanks to the unconditional trust received by our Clients. Our know-how in the sector is the result of over 20 years of experience during which the company has always looked at the future using the most advanced technologies and specialized technical and strongly motivated staff, closed by a commune passion for this job. All of this has allowed us to become a reference for end users, dealers and OEMs of industrial vehicles all over the world.


SPRING is ISO 9001:2015 certified for HW SW design, production and sales of moment limiters, WOB (Dynamic Weighing on Machine) systems and is a member of CiA (Can in Automation), an association that unites CAN technology worldwide developers.

Our project is called
Davide vs Golia.

This family of products is the result of the work of a team that has been carrying out for more than 20 years.

We are proud of our results, because we obtained them thanks to our own strength, ideas, capability, passion and above all thanks the faith that our clients put in our company.

Our goal is not only to satisfy a technical request but also to offer a wide range of high performance products that can give profit from the management point of view.
Your profit is an important part of our project.